Monday, August 30, 2010

ローメン (Romen Style in Nagano)



I stumbled on this new restaurant in Nagano city a few month ago when I was up visiting a friend. We were refused at the door, and since then my friend was turned away another 2 times. This place is popular! It's a place that serves nothing but Shinshu sake and food (信州 is the old name for the area around Nagano, 200km North of Tokyo). I had to come back.


Little did I know that this would become another ramen adventure. Or should I say romen.


Romen was created in 1955, in a countryside town. It's made with mutton, and more like a soupy yakisoba than a ramen. My friend begged me to to get it. Why?


It's pretty stinky. Definitely not something I would eat often. But it goes great with sake.


Copious amounts of Japanese liquor can lead to ordering some other local delicacies.


The left is grasshopper. The middle bee larvae. The right some sort of river bug. New ramen topping?


Local honey poured on local ice cream.

This place was amazing. There was plenty of normal type food too. Lots of river fish and mountain vegetables. And sake.


Lucky people of Nagano, you are lucky!


You should go to this event. Ramen Fantasia is in the Tokyu building, on the top floor. About a dozen experimental collaborations are being created.


I can't make it, but a collaboration between Junk Garage and Mr. Bond of Hearts! Is that a whole clove of roasted garlic? Someone go and let me know!

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