Thursday, August 5, 2010

満来 (Manrai in Shinjuku)



A friend from Fukuoka was in town and had a ramen adventure plan of her own. Manrai boasts massive amounts of chashu pork, she said. Her friend raves about it, she said. Let's go, she said. Here we go!


At 1400 yen, this is a really expensive bowl.


With a ton of pork.


No, seriously, this was a lot of pork. The piece in back was almost an inch thick.


I don't get the appeal. It's very hard to eat. Sure, if this was some ultra tender, melt in your mouth pork I could go with it, but it was fairly normal. Some other people ordered one of these for 2. Smart move.

Also, the noodles are very flat, and will become soggy before you finish the first piece of meat.


Mottainai, as we say.


You can also order natto ramen. With a side of butter. If you want.