Monday, August 9, 2010

こうや (Koya in Yotsuya)

支那そば屋 こうや


Ramenate has a knack for meeting eccentric Japanese people. A large portion of that group tends to be as a result of late night drinking in Golden Gai, Shinjuku's shady yet colorful drinking district. Months ago he met an ancient ramen master, and we'd been itching to get to this shop since. Goramen was along for the adventure as well.


In their inebriated states, Nate and the master spoke about how he takes random trips across the globe in the name of research. A few weeks in Cambodia to check out the local peppers? Sure, why not.


The won ton ramen looked perfect. Some of the biggest I've had in Tokyo. Everything is solid at Koya. Not just the food, but the vibe as well.

The atmosphere is great. This shop is massive, with seats for up to 80 people. It's also staffed by half a dozen elderly ramen veterans. The waitress, somewhere in her late 60s, warned Nate about his bowl in the best English she could muster.


"Very hot"

Sure enough, those mysterious spices from far away lands were abundant in the spicy ramen. We speculated some sort of habanero.


By the way, there is a more complicated dinner menu. I'll be back to try some of the more unique creations. And stay tuned to Ramenate for a more detailed, properly researched writeup... someday!


Keizo Shimamoto said...

i think she actually said "berry hot." yeah, can't wait until nate's writeup.

Gen Kanai said...

I work in Kojimachi so will check them out for lunch- thank you!

Unknown said...

Those wontons look so good. Am coming back to Tokyo in November. If you are in town, hope you have time to get together for ramen and drinks. Bring friends...I've always wanted to buy one of those 1.8 litre bottles of sake...

Ramen Adventures said...

Wonton party in November!