Friday, August 6, 2010

鬼金棒 (Kikanbou in Kanda)

カラシビ味噌らー麺 鬼金棒


Ramenate and I headed out to Kanda on what would be one of our last ramen adventures together for the near future. We've got to make every bowl count!


With a friendly looking oni (Japanese demon) above the door, this place is pretty inviting. By the way, the name of the shop refers to the metal club that the oni bashes you senseless with.


What, in the world of ramen ingredients, could bash your head in with a giant metal rod?


How about not just one crazy spice, but two. Choose your level of kara, the regular hot, and your level of shibi, the shop's special sanshou mix. Sanshou is also known as numbing pepper. It's illegal in some states in America. It's really good.


More oni.


They are watching you.


Amazing. This bowl is regular spice, extra numbing. Good choice for someone who can handle a little heat, but still wants to taste the soup.


Nate went with oni-level of both spices. Reader beware. The numbing spice actually kills a lot of the initial heat, which creeps up a few minutes later. This is dangerous (and delicious) stuff.


Kikanbou gets a high rating in my book. I'll even say that if you are a fan of miso and/or spice, it's a must visit.


Check out my video review here!