Sunday, August 29, 2010

インフィニ (Infinitus Zero in Shinagawa)



This shop is what dreams are made of. At least one man's dream that is. Mr. Mita had one taste of the mazemen at Junk Garage, and fell in love. Everything that I felt, so did he. Big difference though. While I'm content to adventure around eating the stuff, he wanted to make it. And that's how Infinitus came about. At least as far as I can decipher from our short conversation and poking around their website.


Another thing to note, is that this is a shop run by, and built for, soccer fans. Everything is soccer.


From the menu. The toppings menu is actually the "trappings" menu.


To the decor. There's that guy. Sorry, I know absolutely zero on the subject of soccer.


Ramen on the other hand...


The special mazemen is covered in tasty things. Spicy mayo, garlic chips, raw egg, bonito flakes, and a massive pile of grated cheese (hidden from view by the noodles).


Then there is the tare, which is made with beef bones instead of the usual pork or chicken. This lends a sweeter taste. The overall bowl was a bit lighter than the one at Junk Garage, though you can deck it out with as many toppings as you want.


Very good, a must for anyone who likes the junk style. The visual impact alone is worth the trip. I'll be back soon to try their signature dish, some sort of spicy vegetable ramen.


Icing on the cake, a stranger who was done riding trains for the day gave me his 1 day pass. That saved me over 500 yen for the rest of the day's travels. Awesome!


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Exploded Daniel said...

mazimen? Wicked- another tasty thing I can't get where I love....but maybe I can make it?