Saturday, August 7, 2010

青木さざえ店 (Aoki Sazae in Izu)

海鮮食楽 青木さざえ店食堂部


I had a 2 week gig working for a children's summer camp down in Izu. Even though Izu is only about 3 hours from Tokyo, you wouldn't know it with the blue skies and white sand beaches. Another difference is the lack of ramen, especially at the hotel up in the mountains where I was living for my time there.


So on the way home, a few fellow camp counselors and I adventured to nearby Yumegahama beach for some Ise Ebi ramen. Ise Ebi is also known as Japanese spiny lobster.


This was recommended in my motorcycle touring book, which almost always steers me to some great food.


Sure does look good!


But, like the last time I ate Ise Ebi ramen in Izu, it was just so so. The one compliment I can make is that the simple miso was buttery and went well with the lobster.

This time made me realize that I don't really like Ise Ebi all that much. The amount of meat you get in one go is about as much as a couple tiger prawns. How does the old saying go? Fool me once, shame on you? A fool and his money are soon parted? Anyways, 1500 yen is what it will cost you.


5 hours of motorcycle touring later....


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Al said...

I think there is something in that famous quote about Tennessee and Texas and "You can't get fooled again."