Sunday, July 18, 2010

ココスの坦々麺 (Tantanmen at Cocos Family Restaurant)



There are a few chains of family restaurants in Japan. A family restaurant is akin to a diner in America. Like Denny's (which happens to be here too). Skylark, Denny's, Joyfull, Cocos, Gusto, Royal Host, the list goes on and on. These are everywhere, especially out in the more rural parts of town. You can expect a decent meal for about 1000 yen, a self service drink bar, and yes, ramen on the menu.


Also come expecting lots of specials and seasonal fare. It's summer, so a cold tantanmen made with soy milk is perfect to cool down your body, while the addition of some spicy rayu makes you sweat. Nature's AC!


Anyways, it's just so so. The soup was nice, the noodles mediocre, and that pile of meat inedible.


Don't forget the drink bar! Cocos is my favorite of the lot, they have tea you can brew yourself, and lots of coffee drinks. I suggest a hot cocoa, an espresso, and some steamed milk. Then mix it up!


Happy summer (I promise to eat some real ramen again soon).

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