Friday, July 2, 2010

おやじ (Oyaji in Machida)



I have a new job (that makes 4 sources on income now) that sends me all over the greater Tokyo area. I was out in Ebina that other day, and passed Machida on the hour long train ride. Isn't ramen loving Yo! Japan's favorite shop there? A quick text message and reply later, and I knew where my adventure for the night would be.


Sapporo style miso is the deal here, and if you get the Oyaji set, you'll get just that with a side of gyoza.


Ok, so this miso is really really good. The general consensus with miso is that it needs to have a huge first impact the second you taste that soup. Oyaji delivers. Using imported dutch lard and a variety of vegetable, it tastes a bit like buttered corn dipped in pork broth.


The noodles, pork, and toppings are simple, letting the soup stand out.


The gyoza were fine, but it was a bit too much food for me. If you went with a friend, maybe one of you could get the set. Good luck getting a friend to go to Machida, though, it's a bit of a trek, out on the border of countryside Tokyo and Kanagawa.


Along with Kururi and Tsujida, this is definitely a place to get your miso fix.



Anonymous said...

4 jobs! how do you find the time to eat ramen?

Steve said...

If you have made the jaunt to En in Hachioji; it is only ¥290 and 22 minutes via a JR Yokohama Line train to here in Machida.
Then take an Odakyu train back to Shinjuku.

Ramen Adventures said...

En for lunch and Oyaji for dinner is the perfect ramen day. Maybe finish at Fuunji in Shinjuku.

Mark said...

Keep in mind; not everyone lives in the 23-Ward Area. Machida is only 8 km down Route 51 from a large and substantial English-speaking population (almost like a foreign country) and about 15km from another. Your posting of Ramen locations in Western Tokyo (or "West T" as some of us like to call it) is essential for a lot of us.

Rebecca Turner said...

Oyaji was my favorite spot for Ramen while I lived in Japan! I dream about it!

Anonymous said...

What is the exact address ?

Ramen Adventures said...

Tokyo, Machida-shi, Nakamachi 1-19-1