Friday, July 2, 2010

おやじ (Oyaji in Machida)



I have a new job (that makes 4 sources on income now) that sends me all over the greater Tokyo area. I was out in Ebina that other day, and passed Machida on the hour long train ride. Isn't ramen loving Yo! Japan's favorite shop there? A quick text message and reply later, and I knew where my adventure for the night would be.


Sapporo style miso is the deal here, and if you get the Oyaji set, you'll get just that with a side of gyoza.


Ok, so this miso is really really good. The general consensus with miso is that it needs to have a huge first impact the second you taste that soup. Oyaji delivers. Using imported dutch lard and a variety of vegetable, it tastes a bit like buttered corn dipped in pork broth.


The noodles, pork, and toppings are simple, letting the soup stand out.


The gyoza were fine, but it was a bit too much food for me. If you went with a friend, maybe one of you could get the set. Good luck getting a friend to go to Machida, though, it's a bit of a trek, out on the border of countryside Tokyo and Kanagawa.


Along with Kururi and Tsujida, this is definitely a place to get your miso fix.