Saturday, June 5, 2010

野菜千石自慢 (Vegetable Ramen at Sengoku Jiman)



Sengoku Jiman is my go to spot. If I've been drinking and catch the last train home, I can't avoid stumbling in for a bowl of rich tonkotsu shoyu.


The newest menu item is vegetable ramen. Don't get any ideas though, this is meat lovers ramen topped with some fresh vegetables.


And it's perfect.


As always, save room for the rice and egg.


My original post about Sengoku Jiman here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian -- We've enjoyed reading your blog! My husband (also Brian!) and I will be visiting Tokyo on 6/20, 6/21, and 6/26. Would you be available to lead us to a great bowl of ramen? We're happy to pay for your bowl! Best day for us would likely be 6/21 --- we arrive 6/20 and we're seeing the Giants on the night of 6/26. We're staying in Shinjuku, but we have rail passes and can meet you wherever. Hope to meet you - Julie,

Amanda Rudow said...

Since I'm probably going to be venturing out on my own a lot more, maybe I'll start gracing more ramen shops... just looking at the pile of meat and veg is making me crave it!!

Awesome blog, by the way. I'm not sorry for mocking you for it, though :P