Saturday, June 12, 2010

らすた (Rasuta in Yoyogi)



Hot on the tail of Rastafarian themed Rahmen Yahman a few weeks back, I found myself in front of Rasta Ramen. While the former shop was all about subtle details, the current shop was just a regular Yokohama style noodle shop.


The giant sign boasting the special egg noodles is a giveaway of what you should look for at this shop. It's been a while since I had any really eggy noodles (well, maybe that's relative), so the excitement was intense (again, relative).


The ticket machine is outside the shop, and I went with the recommended rasutamen.


Where's the ramen?


The standard 3 sheets of nori that accompany all Yokohama style ramen is doubled and an egg is included. It really has nothing to to with Jamaican culture. Even the staff were surprisingly un-rasta. The young man serving me, with his long, dyed blonde hair and large gauge piercings was more early 00s punk. But at least they were playing a reggae cover of classic Beatles songs.


The noodles, as expected, are fantastic. The rest of the bowl is fairly standard.


Remember, when you eat at a Yokohama style shop, you can customize 3 things; the noodles, the strength, and the oil. I recommend to go hard on the noodles, and easy on the oil.

And stay tuned, I've got one more dreadlock wearing, reggae music playing, (fake)ganja puffing shop to visit in the near future!

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