Monday, June 7, 2010

MIST in Omotesando

C x N = MIST?


A lot of thought went into this, and according to the waiter, the C is for Chabuya and the N is for Natural. Chabuya is a ramen shop. I haven't adventured to it yet. But this was my second time to MIST, the glamorous shop in Omotesando Hills.

Omotesando Hills, where one pair of $300 jeans for the price of two.


Sushi style noodles?


Interesting. Going clockwise, we have tartar sauce, random fish roe, tai, and salmon roe.


Good, but for 1000 yen, I could go to my local sushi spot and have a feast.


A nice bowl of shoyu. Last time I had the salt ramen with pickled plum, and I'd recommend that for the novelty factor.


The attention to detail is here. The shoyu and salt ramen each have a different bowl, which is supposed to enhance the particular flavors.

By the way, here's the salt bowl.


You can get a 5000 yen ramen set menu, which comes with 5 or 6 courses. Interesting, but since the ramen is pretty standard, I won't be dropping that kind of cash anytime soon.

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Hey! What's up! Oh you got a mist. Did you get C×N=MIST? mean? Anyway Your blog is everytime exiting.