Sunday, June 13, 2010

虎龍 (Kotatsu in Shinjuku)



After a few beers, a few World Cup matches, and a few hunger pangs, why not take your Kabukicho adventure to Kotatsu?


The kanji in the name can be seen as "Tiger Dragon", but I like the more informal "Drunk Guy Dragon". Remember, this is Kabukicho, and before entering this shop 3 or 4 touts asked me if I wanted to have a drink at their bar. No thank you!


Liquor was not on the agenda, only a thick miso ramen.


It's been a while since I had a great bowl of miso ramen. Would today break the cycle?


The boxes and boxes of special noodles sitting by the entrance pointed in the right direction.


And the ramen?


It was ok. What it lacked in impact, it made up for in rich, oily broth. Just what the drunkard needs after a few overpriced beers. The noodles were great, as expected.


As I stepped out of the shop, the same tout I had talked with moments before was waiting for me. Something about an underground club where anything goes, so long as you have the money. I hopped on my bicycle and rode home.

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Anonymous said...

Keep up your very enjoyable postings, Brian. As someone who lives very far from Japan, I can only vicariously enjoy the ramen adventures of you, Keizo and Nate online. Ever thought of calling yourselves the Ramen Musketeers?