Tuesday, May 18, 2010

やまちゃん (Yamachan Yatai in Fukuoka)



The adventure of finding a cheap capsule hotel was over, and it was time to see what all the fuss was about.


The famous yatai of Fukuoka.


Dozens of shops line the canals. Not just ramen, but tempura, yakitori, oden, and lots and lots of shochu are available from roughly sunset to roughly sunrise. It's relaxed, inviting, and delicious.


And cheap!


My friend and I grabbed a seat at a random one, Yamachan. 3 carts down was the infamous Ichiryu, which had a line of about 20 people. So how was this one, living in the shadow of the other?


Good stuff. Actually, a word of note about all the ramen I ate on this Kyushu trip.


I was so excited every minute of this adventure, that the finer points were completely lost in the moment. Looking at the photo of this bowl, it doesn't look so amazing. But sitting on the banks of the canal, 20 or so ramen dudes yelling for new customers, beer in my hand; and you can't help but feel anything other than bliss.

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