Thursday, May 20, 2010

新風 (Shinpu at the Hakata Ramen Street)



Shinpu came highly recommended. I didn't do much research, other than writing down the kanji for the name, before searching out this shop. The adventure took me to police stations, 7-11s, and finally to a local bookstore, where I found a magazine with this shop in it's index.


Fukuoka has a few ramen stadiums. Shinpu, being a local powerhouse, was awarded a spot at the Hakata station noodle street. Like I said, I didn't do any research, but there was some deja vu going on here.


Wow! Now I remember. Shinpu was at last year's tsukemen festival that I worked at. They were actually at the event the same week as Ivan. Small world!

From the above poster, it looks like the tsukemen fair made it's way down to Fukuoka a few months ago. Not the massive showing of 24 different shops like in Tokyo, but just a few of the big names.


Shinpu does a red or white bowl of Hakata style ramen. If you've taken Ramen 101 and been to Ippudo, you know the drill.




The requisite order of extra noodles.


The staff was extremely cool, and very excited to hear that Nishio had recomended their shop.


If you ever take the bullet train down to Fukuoka, remember, this shop is literally in the terminal station. You have no excuse not to go!


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