Thursday, May 27, 2010

凪 ゴールデン (Nagi Golden Gai in Shinjuku)

凪 ゴールデン街店


Recently, a few fellow adventurers have joined me on my hunt for great ramen in Tokyo. I get random emails from blog readers who plan on a Tokyo visit, and I'm always happy to meet. I wanted to take today's new friends, a couple of girls from Texas, to Fuunji. But then...


"We want to drink in Golden Gai!"

I can't argue with that logic. Golden Gai, the drinkinest street in Shinjuku, is also home to one of the best ramen shops in Town. Nagi!


A note of caution, this isn't delicious (it's an ashtray). The ramen on the other hand...








Today I ordered a side of sansho pepper oil. More than just spicy rayu, these are sometimes known as numbing pepper.


I didn't get this in previous visits.

I will get it in the future.


Being Golden Gai, might as well have a drink with your noodles.

Official Site Here (good design)

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Dine, Design, DIY by Ryuichi said...

Wow, that looks fantastic Brian! First time posting, but I've been a fan of yours and Keizo's blogs for sometime now. Wanted to chime in to say great coverage on all your experiences and the photos are fantastic!

When my wife I go back to Japan, we usually stay in the Kansai area so we eat more ramen in the Osaka area - which is pretty damn good as well. I may have to start an Osaka ramen blog ;)

Keep up the great work!

Finger-Lickin' Eats said...

I'm a little tipsy right now from partying all looking at your ramen right now, it's absolutely killing me. I love reading your blog along with ramenate and GoRAMEN.

Ramen Adventures said...

Thanks for the comments. Ramen is the ultimate drunk food. Luckily, there is a late night spot near my apartment with some rich, greasy tonkotsu soup that I frequent.

Ludwig said...

Hi, I'm a random reader, having discovered this site from the NY Times. I visited Japan for my first time, and for my first ever bowl of REAL ramen I went with your Golden Gai Nagi suggestion. Man, it was like love in a bowl. Thanks for the tip and keep up the good work!