Saturday, May 22, 2010

もちもちの木 (Mochimochinoki in Shinjuku)



I needed a shop in this specific area, or my new adventure would be explaining to my student why I was late to our English lesson. Luckily, the main road in Shinjuku Nishiguchi is a hot spot for ramen shops.


Mochi Mochi no Ki had moved literally 1 block away, but that still warrants fresh bouquets of "welcome" flowers. It's a Japanese custom to give these flowers to any new shop in the area. What's not Japanese culture, though, is the guy we spotted stealing a handful of lillies!


Seriously, he took about 5. Anyways, down to the basement for this new ramen shop.


The interior of Mochi Mochi no Ki is very nice. Everything is wood. Classy. There is even a roped off section that looks like it used to be a VIP lounge. Who knows what was going on here a week ago.


More on the pizza later.


Very hot (due to the layer of scalding oil on top), very fishy (due to numerous fish that went into the soup), and very, very good.


The menma is their own creation, and you can buy packs of it to take home. If I ever try and make my own ramen, I know where to go for at least one of the toppings.


And, yes, the ramen pizza. It was only 400 yen due to the opening celebration. Would I order it every time? Probably not. I'd rather eat 400 yen worth of that menma. So good!

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slackplan9 said...

I haven't been to THIS one. I went to one northwest of the Shinjuku Prince (West of the overpass) in April 2010. I put it in MY blog at . I loved the Ramen. Best Shoyu Ramen in Tokyo, in my opinion. 7-11 there even made a signature bowl ramen named after them. Preserves the flavor of their broth!