Wednesday, May 19, 2010

一龍 (Ichiryu Yatai in Fukuoka)



Ichiryu is one of those shops. It's so famous that it's almost a default adventure. The line is long, so I waited until about 1am, when all the train folk would be long gone. I jumped in the line...


... right in front of this gentleman and his colleagues. It was my bad, and I apologized and let them back into their rightful place.


But I was only one person, they insisted, I should go first. After a short battle of politeness, they asked me to join them at their table. New friends!


I'll never say no to being treated to a bowl. And if your business is expensing it, all the better!


Ichiryu has been a permanent landmark in the massive world of the yatai here. They have been serving in this exact spot since 1974. Such fame has led to a few branch shops. You can have a bowl of the stuff in many places across Japan, with a shop just down the street from Bassanova in Tokyo.


How was it? Like I said before, I loved every bowl on this trip. Being treated to a beer and bowl by some guys who sell suits for a living; how could I not love it!

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