Sunday, May 23, 2010

冬蔭激城麺 (Fujimaki Gekijo in Kanda)



Here it is, folks, the place with the $120 bowl of ramen.


But it's actually a bit of an adventure just to get to that point. Let me explain the process.


First things first, you come to this shop in Kanda for a modestly priced bowl of Tom Yum ramen. For 1500 yen, you get either spicy red, coconut creamy white, or black sesame infused black. Have a seat at the stylish counter.


If you want to continue along this road, call and make a reservation to have a bowl of the 3000 yen Spicy Castle ramen.


You'll get to sit in the red chairs, out of sight from the lowly peons.


The last step is to make a reservation, at least 3 days in advance, to the shop in Nakameguro. This is where you eat the Emperor ramen. Yeah, the 10,000 yen bowl of ramen. I'll rant about this in due time.


Let's focus on the regular bowl.


It's not your typical bowl of ramen. This is Thai fusion.


Let's get the price thing out of the way first. 1500 yen is very high for ramen. But many Thai restaurants in Tokyo will charge almost that much for a bowl of tom yum soup, so I don't think it's too much of a stretch.


It's really good by the way. You can tell that everything in this bowl is high quality. The spice resonates on your tongue.


The fired egg is an interesting choice.


The chef give explicit instructions, "Put exactly 5 spoonfuls of soup into the rice."


So, the question is, will I go for the 10,000 yen ramen?


...if the opportunity presents itself. Maybe I find a 10,000 note blowing down the street one day. Maybe another reporter is in town writing the umpteenth article about this shop and he needs a tour guide. Maybe one of my dear readers treats me!

Regardless, I'll let you know.

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