Tuesday, May 25, 2010

どっかん (Dokkan in Hatagaya)

背脂煮干濃厚醤油 どっかん


I went to Gamushara some time back. It's a Niigata style shop that is actually 3 shops in 1. Late night, it turns into Dokkan, a seabura ramen shop. Seabura, the chunks of fat that can make or break an adventure.


How does it look?


A few people had recommended this bowl to me, and now I'm sold. Usually, seabura is silky smooth, but this one was a bit more substantial. Just enough texture to know that you are eating something, but not enough to know that you are eating chunks of pork fat.


The soup had a lot of onion in it, which left a sweet aftertaste.

This is the hangover killer here. For the residents of Hatagaya, out on a late night binge, the perfect tisane is infused with fat.


Feel free to add extra tare if you want some more flavor.


Though it doesn't really need it.

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