Friday, April 16, 2010

やじるし (Yajirushi in Shimokitazawa)



Today's adventure started with Keizo and I browsing through the latest ramen magazine at a 7-11 in Shimokitazawa. Apparently this is the year of curry ramen. This is according to some expert. But we weren't here to follow ramen trends, just to try a shop that had been recommended. A few minutes later rameNate showed up and we were off.


Yajirushi's location is down a small alley in already complicated enough Shimokitazawa. So far so good.


A nice little shop in a nice part of town.


I went with the shoyu lunch set. There is shio as well as a Korean style spicy tsukemen.


A little pricey at 900 yen, but you get some rice on the side. It really should have come with an egg as well. I'm complaining because of what happened later, stay tuned.


Pretty normal. The cabbage topping gave it a fresh taste. Very salady.


By the way, yajirushi means arrow.


We totally dug this little sign, which says that their noodles are firm, and ain't nothing you can do about it!

After finishing this average bowl, we were chatting about ramen, relaxing a bit, and enjoying ourselves. It started to get a little crowded, with over half the seats full. When a group of 3 came in, instead of asking for one customer to move over a seat, which is totally common at ramen shops, the chef asked us to leave to make room. It was unnecessary, and as we walked back down the little alley, all we could say was, "Hunh? What just happened?"


But the day was about to get Muy bueno. Keep watching!

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