Tuesday, April 27, 2010

天鳳 (Tenho in Roppongi)



Meeting up with fellow ramen adventure seeker rameniac, who is in town for a couple weeks, I felt like I had to impress. I chose a shop that was high on my list, having been recommended by... ummm... I forgot. I write down all recommendations I am lucky enough to be given, mark them on my Tokyo street atlas, and when the time comes, I slurp.


I'm not sure if Tenho was in some top 10 list, or just word of mouth.


I wasn't really into this one. Not much impact for a tonkotsu shoyu soup. The pork was a complete write off. Maybe it would taste better after a few drinks from nearby Trick or Treat, a Halloween themed drinking hole.


Excluding Gogyo, which is just enough outside of Roppongi to be... not Roppongi, I haven't found a good shop in this area. The consensus is, though, that drunk foreigners don't really care what kind of ramen they eat.

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Anonymous said...

Some of Ramen manic dont understands real life at Ronppogi cause first you are maybe not a japanese next you just eaten one time.I encourage ramen maniac taking the ramen for a fews times.Some times your taste will change when you come from other country.
Sorry i am One japanese ramen seller. Pls take a note try to stay in Japan for 2 month and you will taste Japanese food.