Saturday, April 17, 2010

下北沢 スペインバル (Spain Bar in Shimokitazawa)

下北沢 スペインバル

In Tsukishima is the famous Spain Club. Serving up the most authentic Spanish food in Tokyo, this place is hot. The wine list boasts a sizable array of Spanish wines, and the paella is perfect.


The imported Iberico pork comes in a variety of styles. This stew went well with the deep red wine I had.


No, I'm not changing my adventures from ramen to tapas, I just got side tracked. By the way, this spot is excellent for a date.


Across town, Spain Club opened the Spain Bar, a way smaller little wine bar, in Shimokitazawa. Recently, I saw a TV spot introducing their new lunchtime offering... ramen.


What is Iberico pork? Jamón ibérico is a product of Spain. Eating primarily acorns, this pork is rich and gamey. It's also insanely expensive, and a few slivers of cured ham costs more than a weekend of ramen eating.


Nate, Keizo, and I had just finished a below average experience at a nearby shop, and we were ready for more. This spot had been on my radar for weeks. I even tried going here some time ago at night, but this ramen is only at lunch.


The interior, like the original Spain Club, is 100% Spain. Even the stools are cast iron wrought.


I went with the shio dare.




Wow! This is one complex bowl. Drizzled with Spanish olive oil and sprinkled with fresh ground black pepper, the smell alone is enough. When you bite into the pork, it melts into buttery goodness. You WANT this bowl.


The shoyu was even better! Adding more levels of sweet and salty, this is the way to go.


Extra virgin olive oil on ramen... it works.


Remember, it's only open for lunch. At dinner time, its more of a wine and tapas bar. Remember that, because you should go here.

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Edo said...

Wow. I just wander by, and this is the first post that greets my eyes. Talk about lucky happenstance! I thought there was no such thing as good Spanish food in Japan. You, sir, have happily corrected me! I definitely need to visit both of these locales the next time I am in the Tokyo metropolitan area...

I do have a... well, somewhat ダサい question I suppose, but... is the food as dreadfully expensive as it looks? Admittedly, for quality Spanish food, I would be willing to scrimp by on rice and 漬物 for a week or two, but still...

And, of course, thank you for the heads up!


Ramen Adventures said...

Hey Edo.

The ramen at Spain Bar was 900 yen. Normal price. The normal food at Spain Club is a bit more expensive. For paella, the Iberico stew, and a couple glasses of wine I paid about 5000 yen. They have course menus for around 6000 yen a person, which seems reasonable for Tokyo.

When I eat at places that aren't ramen, I usually come somewhat full, and just share a couple dishes and some wine.

By the way, almost everyone at Spain Club was rich looking...

Edo said...

Ah, just as expected. Still seems worth it though, at least for a night of splurging. Thanks!