Wednesday, April 28, 2010

西尾のオススメ (Nishio's Recomendations)



Went to the always excellent Nishio the other day. You can read my account of the shop here.


Today I was slurping it up with Jackson, the man behind the San Francisco ramen truck Shirohige. He was in town, living like a true ramen nerd, eating bowl after bowl of the stuff. From the reviews and information on the internet, Shirohige serves up a lot of simple shoyu. I immediately knew that he should taste Nishio.


These noodles are amazing. Custom made with corn flour, they stay firm even when distraction should warrant soggy noodles.


Another thing I love about Nishio is the owner. He speaks so fast, and so slangy, that I only pick up about 40% of what he says.

But what I picked up today...


... is perfect. The shop master's list of recommended shops in Hakata for my trip next week.


  1. Hey, have you been to the 12,000 Yen Ramen shop yet? I wish I knew the name, I saw it on the Food Network, but apparently the guy makes only one style of Ramen and that's it. I'd totally try $120 Ramen, just to do it.

  2. The shop is called Fujimaki. I'll have a related post about it in the next couple weeks!