Monday, April 19, 2010

けいすけ東京ラーメンストリー (Keisuke at Tokyo Ramen Street)

二代目 けいすけ 海老そば外伝 東京ラーメンストリー


The last stop on our Tokyo Ramen Street Collabo-ramen trip was to Keizuke's shop. Keisuke the man is known as a classically trained master of French cuisine who brought that knowledge to ramen. Keisuke the shop is a bit more complicated. Each shop he opens is as far off from the last as it can be. Here on the Ramen Street is a branch of his 2nd shop, featuring a shrimp heavy broth.


The original shop in Takadanobaba is hard to forget. The ramen is served in a strange, egg-shaped bowl that looks like something out of a Scandinavian design museum. How will this one compare?


Before setting into the noodles, I couldn't resist these shrimp gyoza. Even though you only get 3, you should get some.


Next to the shrimp ramen is something new. A Japanese spiny lobster ramen, made only for this shop. Actually, the 4th Keisuke shop makes a spiny lobster soup, but serves it with a fried tsukemen. I'm rambling... to the soup!


Much stronger than the shrimp, this soup is rich. You can really taste the seafood, herbs, and vegetables. Taking a sip is hard though...


... from this massive spoon. Seriously, it's large.



Despite having the shortest line, this is my favorite of the shops on the Tokyo Ramen Street. It's a nice change from the usual.


Seriously, that spoon is large.


Here's our video!

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Anonymous said...

great blog. Your video is very clear...may I ask what is your video camera is/

Ramen Adventures said...

The video was done by Daniel from I'm not sure what video camera he uses. But my photos are all taken with a Nikon D90.