Saturday, April 24, 2010

覆麺デスマッチ (Deathmatch at Fukumen in Jimbocho)



Having thoroughly enjoyed Fukumen a few weeks ago, I decided to head back for their monthly special noodle experiment. I say experiment because this is one of the strangest bowls I've had. Served by some really strange dudes. Let's get to it!


It's called... Deathmatch...

Fine, I'll play along.

In the white corner...


we have the challenger.


Fried oysters.

And in the black corner...


... the reigning champion.


Sea turtle eggs.


I have to say, this was definitely a culinary first for me. I'm assuming it was also a first for all the people who joined us today. A veritable who's who of the food blogging world, we had ramen dream livin' GoRamen, first on the slurpin' scene Rameniac, cupcake lovin' Poptisserie, and new guy on the ramen scene Modern Day Deity.

But back to the sea turtle egg ramen.


Very interesting.


The fried oysters area topping that I could go for again. Heavy seafood goes great with a salty shio soup. See Ayu or Kaijin for proof of this.


The sea turtle eggs were... interesting. About the size of a ping pong ball, and almost as tough on the outside. Inside was a rich yolk that exploded into my mouth on first bite. The taste was good, but the weird factor might be too much for some people. Don't worry though, this one day ramen is long gone by the time you read this.


Free toppings if you bring your member's card.


For those around during the upcoming Golden Week holidays, Fukumen will have a different ramen each day.

May 1st - Shrimp wonton shio ramen
May 2nd - Curry ramen
May 3rd - Squid ink ramen
May 4th - Tantanmen
May 5th - Cabbage roll tomato ramen


For more shop info, check my original post here.