Saturday, April 3, 2010

トマトラーメン (Buono Buono in Naka Meguro)

トマトラーメン Buono Buono


Leading the pack of trendy, Italian fusion ramen; in trendy Naka Meguro; is the trendy Buono Buono. So trendy, in fact, that it's only serving ramen for a few hours a day at lunch time. Keizo and I made it on a fine spring day, sat down amongst the 90% female clientele, and dipped in.


Only top quality ingredients go into this one.


Looks good!

... closer!




Too close!

You can choose from 8 different tomato ramen bowls. I went with the staff's recommendation, which also happened to be the most expensive, at 1100 yen. 3 different cheeses that I could distinguish, with the highlight being the sliced mozzarella.


The noodles are of the angel hair variety. All in all it's a similar concept to the Taiyo chain.


Look at that gooey mess of deliciousness.

Every single person who arrived after us ordered a side of garlic risotto rice on the side. It looked great, but stank like you wouldn't believe. As usual, I had an English lesson to get to later, so the extreme garlic breath was not in the cards.

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