Monday, April 19, 2010

AFURI (Afuri in Ebisu)



What better way to kick off a ramen adventure than with a 7000 yen bottle of Trappist Westvleteren brew. Whoah! Thanks T!


AFURI was filled with about 80% females. Unique, considering that ramen shops are usually 99.999% dudes. This might be in part to the recent publication of a Girl's Ramen Club book and even more recent Girl's Ramen Club Magazine.


A sleek interior and nice music... but how is the ramen?


It's great! The yuzu shoyu ramen has a rich chicken taste that might be a little normal, but is given my stamp of approval with the addition of fresh grated yuzu citrus. I think they put juice in it as well, since the sweet lemony flavor is really strong.


One problem though, it's a little on the small size. This is cafe ramen, something you could slip into anytime for a light snack without having to worry about the after effects of consuming a massive amount of pork.


By the way, the name comes from a mountain in neighboring Kanagawa prefecture. Mt. Oyama, also known as Mt. Afuri, has a revered holy spring. Ask any ramen chef if water matters, and you'll get a resounding affirmative response.

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