Wednesday, March 3, 2010

バサノバ (Tom Yum Ramen at Bassanova)



After mentioning that a bowl of Tom Yum ramen at Bassanova would be in the near future, I couldn't stop thinking about it! Dreams of spicy lemon grass. Dreams become reality when the shop is on the same train line you ride after work.


Reality indeed.


This ramen isn't Tom Yum with hints of ramen. It's a very Japanese tasting bowl of thick pork broth with some added spices thrown in to kick it up. Although reportedly invented by an old Thai chef who used to work at the shop, purists may be in for a shock.


With a nice tasty topping of Thai pan fried dumplings.


When I came in, Bassanova was jumping. About 8 or 9 people diligently slurped. But when my bowl was at it's end, the place was empty. No problem, I could chat it up with the staff.


After playfully making fun of Ms. "Small Room" behind the counter, I let her get back at me by writing my name using as many ramen related kanji as possible.


巻濁酢豚 - A roll of pork, cooked in unfiltered vinegar. That's pretty cool, considering that is sort of what chashu is. And you can't have ramen without chashu!

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Keizo Shimamoto said...

now that's a good looking staff! haha

Darren aka Shin said...

Now I know what you're talking about. Come and see our staff at Felis. We are blessed :)


Holy crap! Just found your site... looking for bikers in Kansai... go figure? but your pics make me drool! Have a page for shops in Kansai? I live in Osaka. Thanks bro!


Ramen Adventures said...

@Darren - I used to feed a stray cat ramen a few times a week (Darren runs a cat cafe)

@Kaze - Ironically, Keizo was wearing an Alpine Stars T-Shirt at the shop that day. Sorry, not a lot of coverage outside Tokyo from me

Rich Bailey said...

There's a really good,free, easy to use ramen map app for iPhone called "Ramen map." I use it to find shops all over the place. I think it might cover Osaka...