Thursday, March 25, 2010

すがもらーめん (Sugamo Ramen in Sugamo)



An adventurous day after school with the staff led to the inevitable. There's something about drinking culture in Japan that is almost a given. 2 or 3 or 10 drinks later, and someone, without fail, will make the suggestion... ramen.


We could have walked for 5 minutes to the consistently good Sengoku Jiman. But why walk 5 when you can walk 1? Enter Sugamo Ramen. In Sugamo. Never mind the creative naming. It's next to the station.


The pot hides a creamy tonkotsu soup. You can choose from a shoyu or shio flavor. The shio was recommended.


Soup brimming with floating fat globules, it's a Sengoku Jiman clone.


The soup was rather weak, though if you want you can order it stronger. The soy saturated pork on the other hand is quite salty.


A fairly standard egg comes with every bowl.


Not a bad bowl, but no where near as rad as Sengoku Jiman. Location may be key, though, since Sugamo Ramen is next to the station as well as next to a nice seedy alley where *ahem* anything goes.


Maybe you get a text message.

"Honey, where are you? I'll be in Sugamo soon."

By the time you type your reply, you're alibi can be made.

"Just eating ramen, what did you expect?"

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