Monday, March 22, 2010

むつみ屋 東京ラーメンストリー (Mutsumiya at Tokyo Ramen Street)

むつみ屋 東京ラーメンストリー


I always love a hot bowl of miso ramen on a cold day. And it just so happened that there was a miso joint at the Tokyo Ramen Street. And it just so happened that we wanted to make another movie of us (us being Daniel of and I) eating ramen. And it just so happened that I'm on spring break and have every day free. Let's go!


If it weren't for modern shipping technology, you'd have to travel all the way to Sapporo, then 100km north into middle of nowhere to sample this stuff. Mutsumiya actually ships the soup, flash frozen, to it's branches around Japan.


All of their bowls have a kotteri rating of 4 or 5. To put it in perspective, a rating of 1 might be water, while 5 would be used motor oil. Miso from Sapporo has a tendency to be pretty good about 90% of the time, but that 10% is just horrid. Let's hope this one is good. Well, you are pretty much guaranteed a decent lunch at Tokyo Ramen Street.


I went with the fuwatoro miso ramen. Some sort of play on words, as fuwa-fuwa means light and fluffy. The idea is that it's got scrambled egg poured into the broth. It's only available through March.


Fuwa-fuwa indeed. Can I say fuwa-uma? Delicious and fluffy? Japanese onomatopoeia is expansive.


The egg adds a unique touch to a standard bowl of Sapporo style miso soup. But standard is not a problem. Remember I said that 90% of miso bowls from up north are good? Well this is no exception.


The left over soup and egg drop combination is good to the end.


And the run of the mill white miso ramen is good too.

I use a lot of boring adjectives, like "good", because to be honest, I'm way more down with the crazy experimental miso ramen that is coming out of Tokyo. Check out Gogyo in Roppongi for something that's exciting.


Unless you want to try what beautiful Hokkaido has to offer. In that case this'll do.

Here's our video!

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Unknown said...

Hrm. There's one of these right around the corner from where I work in Aoyama, and I have to tell you I was seriously underwhelmed by the bowl I had (Oronchon Miso?), then again maybe I've been spoiled by Junren :-)

kinmik said...

i went up to hakodate recently and had one of the best bowls of miso ramen in my life. admittedly not sapporo, but pretty close. a good deal for ¥1000, and right across the street from the station! would definitely go again.

Troy said...

This made me very hungry. I now decided to do a ramen adventure in Tokyo next week when I visit that city.

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