Thursday, March 11, 2010

萬福 (Manpuku in Ginza)

中華そば 萬福


In the heart of Ginza is one of the oldest ramen shops in town. How old?


Very old. 1920s. Forgive the lack of research, but when I go eat ramen with Ramenate!, I leave the scholarly stuff to him.


Most of Tokyo burned down in the great Kanto earthquake of 1923, but luckily much of red-bricked Ginza survived.


We went with the most old-timey drink we could think of, soba shochu in soba tea.


The ramen was your standard original style. This is ramen history here. Even though I tend to be more interested in the new styles that are popular in Tokyo, it's nice to remember the roots now and then.



Most chukasoba shops like this have other Chinese dishes on the menu. Shredded, wok fried tofu is a standard.


We got lots of smiles as we ran around the store taking photos of everything nostalgic that could be found.


Ginza seems fairly sparse of ramen shops, leaning more towards high priced food for the high priced shopping that predominates the main road. But hey, if you just spent your last 10,000 yen note on Louis Vuitton, maybe Manpuku is exactly what you need!

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Dennis K. said...

Great post Brian!

Daniel said...

Very cool store name, too. It's a homonym with "full belly," and 萬 is the old kanji for 万 - so 10,000 fortunes or something like that. Looks pretty tasty.

Benhamish said...

Hi, do you ever visit the Ramen Carts? I'm hoping to have my own Ramen cart and really any information or pictures about them would help me.

Ramen Adventures said...

I almost never visit the yatai carts in Tokyo. I'm hoping to check them out in Hakata in the near future though. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

your blog always makes me so hungry! Good job on the posting and food pics, they all looks really yummy