Tuesday, March 2, 2010

玄武 (Genbu in Simo Kitazawa)



I've walked by this place a few times before on the way to an izakaya that sells 180 yen beers. By the way, you will have an adventure in hallucinations if you drink too many of those beers. This is coming from multiple sources. You've been warned.


Anyways, I like the storefront here. It's very hai-kara, high class. Billed as more of a gyoza shop, you might have trouble finding the door. Very sleek looking.


Look for the yellow arrow.


If you go to their site, or look at the photo on the signboard outside, you'll see a much... prettier version of this tonkotsu ramen. Watered down and not too flavorful. I'd rather have another hallucination off of fake beer than ever eat this again.

But in the shop's defense, the gyoza looked pretty good. You can get a gyoza set with 18 pieces of 3 different styles for about 1200 yen. Not a bad place to stop and have a drink and snack with friends before going somewhere more substantial (like the beer bar Ushitora). In case you didn't notice, they have Zima.

Official Site Here
More Shop Info Here

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