Tuesday, March 9, 2010

我武者羅 (Gamushara in Hatagaya)



Taking my life into my hands, I embodied a true gamushara, or daredevil, as I set out on another ramen adventure. But I wasn't alone as I delved into the extreme. Today I was joined by Robb from bento.com. We strapped on our glasses, put on our game faces, and kicked it into gear.


The only real danger here was when our glasses fogged up upon entering the shop. The lack of risk now apparent, it was time to get down to the noodles.


This shop is actually 3. Weekdays for lunch and early dinner it's a milky pork broth flavored with snapper. Then late on weeknights it becomes a Niigata inspired blend of fat and more fat. Weekends is a spicy curry ramen, also a Niigata speciality. The spicy weekend fare looks pretty nice too, just head over to ramenate.com for a look.


A weekday at noon means the easiest bowl of the bunch.


The fish stock is key here. Not as refined as somewhere like Kaijin, this soup is truer to Niigata, where maybe a strong punch is needed to outlast the strong winters.


To truly taste the essence of a broth, adding rice is a great idea. Much the way a whiskey aficionado dillutes his single malt with water.


So I cut the broth with a free lunchtime bowl of rice. Fantastic flavor.


Salt, miso, and tsukemen are also options.

We sat discussing the recent tsukemen boom (1 sided, advantage me) and how a Michelin 3 star sushi spot is different from a Michelin 1 star sushi spot (1 sided, advantage Robb). It's always good to talk food with another foodie. And no, nothing daredevil-ish was consumed this day. Maybe a trip out to a new meat theme park from some meat ice cream would have been more gamushara.

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@eiburamu said...

What up, I live less that five minutes from Gamushara, which is actually my least favorite of the 3 shops at its location. If you liked it you should really check out the other two!

Ramen Adventures said...

Yeah, I got the same response from some other people (seems like over half my friends live in that area). I'll be back.