Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ブーゲンビリア (Bugen Villa Thai Ramen)



There's a back story on this one. I usually wouldn't adventure out to to a Thai restaurant for ramen. But I teach an English lesson here once a week to the kids of the family that runs the place. Part of my payment for instilling proper grammar into a couple elementary school students is a free dinner. Not a bad deal! So I thought I'd give the Tom Yum Ramen a try.


Many Thai places to a Thai soup ramen. It's a bit of a gimmick, in my opinion. It's just the standard soup with some noodles thrown in. But the soup... wow.


Delicious, spicy Thai soup. Even though they all taste pretty similar to me, it's a taste I will always love.


I prefer rice added, even more than the ramen noodles. That spicy lemongrass taste just doesn't seem to work with Japanese noodles. If only we could take the awesomeness of spicy Thai soup, add it to some traditional Japanese broth, and then finish it off like a proper bowl of ramen. If only that was an option...

Of course, I'm making a vague reference to Bassanova, one of my favorite ramen shops in Tokyo. The big news is that Keizo is now working there part time. Expect a big writeup about Bassanova in the near future, with photos of, yes, the Tom Yum Ramen they have on the menu.

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