Friday, February 19, 2010

六厘舎 x 7-11

六厘舎 x 7-11


Rokurinsha, the hottest tsukemen spot in Tokyo (on earth?) at the moment is milking it for all it's worth. They've opened shop at the newly opened Tokyo Ramen Street, sponsored a recent tsukemen festival, and now are offering a version of their tsukemen at Tokyo 7-11's.

This isn't dried noodles, and it's even a step beyond the common vacuum packed nama noodles that you can sometimes find. This is already cooked. Just nuke it and you are ready to go.


Rokurinsha's noodles (at the real shop) are downright amazing. So I was interested in how they could recreate them. Some sort of jelly substance is sitting on the cold noodles.


The soup and toppings come in a separate bowl. Heavily gelled in the cold form.

Just pop it all into the microwave and enjoy.

But I don't have a microwave. I only have my high tech $1000 steam oven. So I set it to reheat rice mode and let it do it's magic.


The soup melted nicely.


As did the Styrofoam container for the noodles.


It was a solid lunch. For only 498 yen, I could possibly eat this more often. But I won't. There's very little adventure in sitting at home eating instant noodles.

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