Friday, February 5, 2010

つじ田 (Tsujida in Awajicho)



Here it is, adventure seekers. Easily in the top 5 for miso ramen in Tokyo. The rest of the Tokyo ramen blogging world had eaten and been impressed at this shop's showing at a rather unexpected Odaiba ramen fair, so it was on my list.


With Ramen Nate, I took the train a few minutes down to Awajicho, in Tokyo's sporting goods shopping area. Yes, there is a street with about a dozen high rise sports stores. They all sell snowboards this time of year.


Look at that bowl of perfect miso. Every aspect melded perfectly. The pork was chunky, the menma fresh, and the noodles yellow and springy.


The powdered nori seaweed and grated ginger was all it needed in the way of seasoning.


Mmmm, doesn't it look great? And just around the corner is one of my favorite coffee shops. Though coffee and miso ramen might not be the best combination. The surprise was that this bowl of rich soup didn't leave me lethargic. Usually, miso puts a dent in my day, but I was safe with Tsujida.

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Garrincha said...

I pass this shop everyday on my cycle home from work, and finally got a chance to stop in the other night - it's perfection in a bowl.

Keep up the good work.