Friday, February 5, 2010

肉そば けいすけ (Nikusoba Keisuke in Sumiyoshi)

New Old Style 肉そば けいすけ


The latest from Keisuke comes as a bit of a surprise. Known for subtle essence of the sea, I expected him to come up with another related bowl of ramen. Maybe a salmon infused broth. Perhaps a squid flavored black noodle. But instead he comes with this, nikusaoba, meat + noodles.


The New Old moniker is an homage to the throw back ramen styles of old. Heavy on the soy, heavy on the meat. 150 grams of pork to be exact.


This was the opening week. At 5:30pm, 30 minutes before the doors opened, the line was about 10 people long. At opening time, significantly more.


I counted 10 staff. I also counted 14 seats. The welcome greetings here are top notch, with every staff member competing for the most memorable "Irashiamase!"


And the ramen. This one's taste is 100% how it looks. The amount of soy tare that they put in looks to be about triple the average shop. Yeah, it's salty. Overly so many will probably say. Finishing the soup was not an option. But this seems to be another throw back. Most older style shops aren't about "good to the last drop" soup. The over powering flavors of ginger and soy are meant to go great with copious amounts of meat and noodles.


Yeah, the noodles are superb. Keisuke went and collaborated with an up and coming noodle maker to produce these special.


A fully digital ticket machine up front. A tatami room in the back with room for 4. Heavy undrinkable soup. A faint aroma of ginger and fish. Definitely living up to the New Old name.


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