Tuesday, February 16, 2010

中本 (Nakamoto in Shinjuku)



If you find yourself on the big, ramen shop a plenty having road running along the Yamanote, next to Shinjuku station, you should be hungry. There are plenty of shops. Menya Musashi is up there on the list. Bakudan is an unexpected favorite. But today was an adventure in spicy. A Scoville excursion if you will.


You know, if there is a massive piece of calligraphy art that roughly translates to "Spicy and Delicious", surrounded by famous people's autograph plaques, that you are in for something good.


And you'd be right.

The Gomoku (mashup of different things) Mongolian style tantan men is rad. Each bite is just enough substance, just enough spicy. There is also a North Pole ramen on the menu, which might knock you on your behind. Since I had to teach in 30 minutes, I opted for safety.


Down to the last red hot drop.

Official Site Here
More Shop Info Here


stanklez said...

I just booked a 72 hour trip with the sole and express purpose of eating Nakamoto Ramen. And searching for any Cup Noodle special editions still floating around.

Anonymous said...

Nakamoto is my favorite ramen.

Louis Soon said...

this place killed me