Wednesday, February 24, 2010

宗家一条流がんこラーメン (Ganko in Ikebukuro)



Another Ganko on the list. This time, it's a lot less of a secret (I'm referring to the one in Baba). Not really a ramen zone, but more of an entertainment and food zone, the area out the West Exit of Ikebukuro should be visited by anyone looking for some interesting food.


The trademark bone and black tarp, of course.


The view from the chairs outside. No line today, but the shop was full inside. RameNate and I had to wait for about 10 minutes. Who else has waited at this same shop, you might ask? Good question. Maybe you've heard of a man called...


... Kenny G?


And... Martha Stewart? A veritable A list of Hollywood's best.


The master kindly requests that you, the ramen manic eating at this popular shop, put away your magazine and cell phone when your soup gets here. The last line is great. "From a nice old man who likes ramen!"


Presenting the nice, ramen loving old man!



I had the shio, even though my ticket was for the shoyu. It's hard to decide who has the best shio ramen, the Ganko shops, or Ivan. Best to keep eating at both. I preferred the Baba Ganko one a little though, the green chilies you could add were a perfect addition.


The shoyu was no slouch either.

Once a month, they serve a "special" shio ramen. All the Ganko shops do this, a special once a month thing. Stay tuned!

More Shop Info Here

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