Tuesday, February 23, 2010

一風堂 COLLECTION.MISO (Ippudo Miso in Yoyogi)



For the foreign audience of this blog (which I estimate at 100%, since no one has ever commented in Japanese), Ippudo might sound familiar. The shop they introduced to New York City simply blew up, becoming somewhat of a sensation. But this is a site about ramen in Japan, so let's keep it local.


Ippudo is no slouch in Japan. Over 40 shops dot the landscape, with plenty in Tokyo. I used to frequent the Kichijoji shop when I lived there, though I haven't been much since I moved away. But today was no ordinary Ippudo bowl of creamy tonkotsu ramen. This was the newly created COLLECTION.MISO.


With signage that looked like something out of The Matrix, my interests were piqued. Would I choose the red pill or the white pill?


Just like the standard Ippudo, there is the regular white and more adventurous red. I dipped my spoon into the bright bowl of miso Akamaru. How was this highly anticipated slurp?


Not bad. The miso taste here is very light, and a little sweet. But just a bit too... safe.


A lot of miso ramen shops go for broke, shoving a ton of flavor in your face. Some fail, some succeed. Few sit right in the middle.


The noodles are different than the skinny hakata style noodles you normally get at Ippudo (though if you order the kaedama, an extra helping of noodles, you'll be given the classic). Thick, meant for miso noodles fit the bill quite nicely.


My new friends N and C tried the white. Not sure why only the white came with grated ginger.

Even though COLLECTION.MISO won't be making any top ten lists of mine, it was a good bowl. And one thing about these noodles:


Official Site Here
(awesome design)
More Shop Info Here


Daniel said...

I just want to say I've been thoroughly enjoying reading through your blog. I'm also undergoing some ramen seeking of my own (www.moderndaydeity.com). I look forward to more!

Ramen Adventures said...

New ramen blog on the block! Rad!