Sunday, February 7, 2010

びぎ屋 (Bigiya in Meguro)



I was going to make some sort of list, the 10 ramen commandments, a tribute to my favorite Biggie track, but then I stopped. That would be too much work. And I just ate two bowls in the last two hours. I'll leave the fancy writing up to Anyways, today's adventure takes me out to Gakugei Daigaku for the shoyu at Bigi.


This spot was recommended by a bar owner at a cool place in Shimokitazawa, the 808 bar. Keizo, Nate, and I take all recomends seriously, and we settled in for 3 bowls.


If commandment #7 is to keep your product and family separated, then they already failed. This place has a very mom and pop feel. It's also been featured in a bunch of magazines lately. Enough promotion, on with the noodles!


Looks good, but the taste was a bit simple.


I took a minute to find out what was in the soup. I love when a shop lists every bit of info you could want. They even mention where the bowls are from.


Then, going back to the soup, something magic happened. It kept getting better. Maybe they didn't mix the soup and tare well enough, or maybe the excellent Chinese style pork needed to marinate. Time made it good.

After this bowl, though, we were still hungry! Stay tuned.

More Shop Info Here


Helge said...

Hey Brian. Great blog, I read it religiously. One question. How are the eggs cooked? They look like roasted eggs since they are somewhat brown.

Ramen Adventures said...

The cooked eggs are stored in a soy / mirin / vinegar combination, and that's what gives it the amazing taste and color.

Helge said...

I assume they are boiled first right? And then "pickled" in said mixture?

BTW, nice GF1. I use the LX2 and love it.