Saturday, January 16, 2010

月島ロック (Tsukishima Rock in Tsukishima)



Just around the corner from Tsukishima's Monja Street, where you have your choice of around 50 monja shops, is some ramen. This is Tokyo though, and just around the corner from anything is a ramen shop.

I forewent the monja for the first time in 3 weeks (I am here weekly for an English lesson) and had a bowl of this superb shoyu soup.


But getting there was 90% of this adventure.

Things started out at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo near Kiyosumi station. Nice place, but skip the overpriced exhibitions and just check out the permanent collection.


Checking page 99 of my handy Tokyo Street Atlas, I noticed I had marked a spot not to far away. Menya Kisso.


Which is only open for lunch. And closed on Wednesdays and Sundays. Remember that!

It's always acceptable practice to dip into the nearest convenience store to look at their ramen magazines.


And tie over the hunger with a Pac-Man streamed bun.


Mmmmm. Like a Pac-Man who just ate the big dot, I was headed straight for my destination. Tsukishima is only 2 stops away.


And here's Tsukishima Rock. This shop is related to the popular 69 'N Roll One out in Machida. (6 = Ro and 9=Ku... Roku) Without knowing that info though, you might think this place is some sort of music venue / bar / hip noodle joint.


Exhibit A, booze. Exhibit B,


Rock records and guitars hanging on the walls. There was some Beatles and Floyd playing at medium volume on the stereo. Turn it up guys!


You've got a couple choices here. I went with the standard shoyu. Made with some ginger, it's a simple taste that smells superb. That's hardly surprising. 69 'N Roll One is very well known for their simple shoyu perfection.


My friend P had the more complex 8/6, hachirocku. A lot of different fruits of the sea go into this one.


Both are great with the yuzu tinted shichimi from Nagano.


Even though the decor was fresh, the music bumping, and the ramen rad, this place was dead! And almost every seat was filled. Everyone was doing the ramen-stare, just waiting quietly until their food came.

Which is too bad, because that's obviously not what they are going for. Besides the ramen, there are some upscale snacks available, like Italian salami slices and a seasonal cheese plate. And enough bottles to concoct any cocktail you could think of. If it had been a little noisier, a little more upbeat, I could easily have bought the 1600 yen mixed appetizer platter and a couple beers.

Then again, maybe it was my timing. It was around 6 in the evening, in no way party time.

Since it's next to my weekly English lesson, I'll stop by a little later next time. Cheers!

Official Site Here

More Shop Info Here

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Nate said...

maybe its because everyone knows the "no talking" rep of the original 69 and roll and theyre afraid it carries over to the sister shop? man, i cannot wait for my first real bowl back - there was some wicked ramyun in korea, but i am craving the real stuff!