Wednesday, January 27, 2010

田ぶし (Tabushi in Koenji)



The weekly ramen roundup (we don't have an official name) of fellow ramen nuts Nate, Keizo, and I was on as per usual. This time, though, everyone was a little busy so we just decided for something local. Koenji is a really cool part of town, close to everyone, and full of ramen.


The new Koenji Ramen Street is the talk of the town. 4 top shops competing for the longest line. Of course, Tetsu's is the longest. But don't worry, it's nothing like the 90 minute wait at the main shop.


We felt more like something new. Tabushi was near the station, and boasted some great looking "Black Tantanmen". You had me at spicy.


This was some great tantanmen. Just enough kick to be safe for anyone. The soup was thick and full of ground pork.


Nate, who doesn't eat pork (in solid meat form), always gives me his slice. But he mistook his pile of menma for grilled, chopped chashu. It was really good, sorry Nate!


Keizo added the gyoza, solid.


This shop is a winner. Good for anytime eating, but this would be the ultimate hangover food. Fortunately, I hadn't been drinking the night before (can't speak for my friends though!)


I took a photo of this young mom with a baby strapped to her back, and grandma gave me a crazy stare-down. Sorry! I think a back pack baby in a ramen shop is fair game for photos though.

Official Site Here

More Shop Info Here


david said...

Today we went to this ramen shop and loved it! Znx for this blog.. Deliciously inspiring

Ramen Adventures said...

Nice! Glad to help.