Friday, January 22, 2010

みそや林檎堂 (Ringodo in Nakano)



A ranking of #1 miso in Tokyo in the popular 噂 (Uwasa) ramen guidebook deserves a visit. This shop has 2 faces, a miso ramen shop by day, and a tsukemen shop by night. Both fall under some sort of "apple" moniker. Though on the radar, "Apple Temple" was kicked up by a recommendation from Nate. So while he was off in Korea, Keizo and I did the lunch bowl.


A tasty egg is nothing new, but Ringodo boasts the "number 1 egg in Japan". At about double the price of an egg at other ramen shops, this better be good!


I went with the B set, a bowl of miso ramen and a bowl of rice with a raw "number 1" egg thrown on top. Very "Japanese" indeed.


In Japan, the fear of eggs is non-existent. Eggs are sold unrefrigerated in the supermarket, and served raw on any dish you could think of. Don't be surprised if that pizza you just ordered has a big raw egg in the middle.


This is definitely nouveaux miso ramen. Forget your powerful Sapporo style, Ringodo serves up a more refined taste. A bit sweet, maybe there are actual apples in the soup. One thing that could either be a plus or a minus was the thickness. This soup is really really thick.


Can anyone decipher the store's shirt (available for 3000 yen... no thanks). Higashinakano is the station. I got that. But, Underground Too Mach. If you can somehow relate that sentence to apples and miso, I'll buy you a 200 yen egg! Bonus points if you reference the Mach 5.


More shop info here

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