Tuesday, January 5, 2010

大喜 (Daiki in Ueno)... again.



A ramen adventure repeat. I had been here a few months back, but this time I could try the torisoba, which is ramen chicken style.


A chicken broth, with slices of chicken meat, and what looked to be some ground chicken. This bowl also included an egg, which I think would neutralize any kosher qualities that might be present in a bowl of chicken soup.


It was good. The noodles were a bit soft and really long, which, since I still remember that point, is a negative. Go for the shoyu. I had it last time, and my friends had it this time.


As I was getting my stuff together to leave, I noticed a single photo on the wall. Audrey Hepburn, falling out of the photo frame. I know the Japanese have an obsession with her, but why it was in this ramen shop, I'll never know.


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