Saturday, December 26, 2009

山小屋 (Yamagoya in Kiyosumi)



My first choice for ramen in the Kiyosumishirokawa area of Tokyo was... well I forgot my map today. My ramen map. My ramen map, while doubling as just a regular detailed map of Tokyo neighborhoods, has a list of shops I want to go to. So what was to be a ramen adventure turned into a search for something that... exists. I lack internet search capabilities on my phone, so strolling around was the only option. Anything would do.

I'd seen the storefront for Yamagoya before. All 5 stories of it to be exact. I wonder what kind of ramen they might have? With a whole floor of signage devoted to 九州, the mystery is short lived.


Good bowl of creamy Kyushu tonkotsu, good price. Nothing amazing or inventive, but that's usually what you get from a massive chain of hundreds of shops. This one had seats for about 20 people, and over half were full. I should also note that this was Christmas Eve, so only single Japanese guys were here, as Eve is more important than Valentine's Day for couples in Japan. And couple don't do ramen, at least not on the number one romantic day of the year. They should, but they don't.

Random, but it looks like Yamagoya has ventured into Thai territory, opening shops in Bankok. And backed by the boss of Singha beer.

Fitting, as most single white guys living in Japan spend the holiday season abroad in Thailand.

Official Website Here
More Shop Info Here
Nate from Ramenate went there

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