Wednesday, December 30, 2009

侍 (Samurai in Shibuya)


I was walking along the row of ramen shops on Shibuya's south side. For anyone in Shibuya, exit the New South Exit from the station, and you will be on a road with about 10 popular shops. Tucked in a receded storefront is Samurai. It's Yokohama style.

With Yokohama style ramen, I'd say that 85% of the shops are horrible. The original, Yoshimura, is nothing short of amazing. The immitators... not so much. 85% of the time.


This one was... in the majority. Awful. This samurai should commit honorable suicide. I literally ate 2 bites, then just finished the nori seaweed and spinach.

But.... I totally found a 500 yen coin on the ground! So this bowl only cost me about 100 yen after the fact. Score... sort of.

More Shop Info Here

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