Saturday, December 26, 2009

アイバンラーメン (Ivan's on Christmas)



We rolled up to Ivan's just before closing time. Was it going to be the standard salt ramen? Or maybe the shoyu? No way, I had to go with the limited edition "Mexican Chili Mazemen"


Basically taco rice ramen. Taco rice, for those not in Japan, is taco beef, lettuce, and tomato served on a bed of rice. It's awesome by he way. As were these noodles.


Ivan didn't just pop a packet of Mexican seasonings onto some noodles. Dried chilies and spices imported from the States were a key ingredient.


So good, though I wanted to add my own hot sauce and dip some tortilla chips in, once the noodles were done.

Mexico + Texas = Tex-Mex.
Tex-Mex + Ramen = .... Ra-Mex? Tex-Men?

Hurry up and get yours soon!

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