Tuesday, December 1, 2009

らあめん元 (Hajime in Hasune)



Bring on the champ! Hajime was awarded the #1 new ramen shop title by infamous Walker magazine. This publication is your one stop shop for everything you might want to do, eat, and see in an area of interest. Walker comes in a million flavors, from the self explanatory Tokyo Walker to the more niche 1000 yen Expressway Trips Walker. Ramen is always a topic in these magazines.


Hasune station is about 15 minutes away from my apartment by train. So on a sunny Wednesday afternoon I hopped on my bicycle and headed north. There was no wait to get a seat, but this place gets crowded and runs out of soup on the weekends (as I recently found out).


The special salt ramen is a winner. The chef uses Mongolian rock salt to bring out the flavors in his simple chicken broth. It's this simple, heartful soup that really brings out the toppings. Great pork, great chicken meatballs, and great menma.


Be sure to add some yuzu seasoning to the broth.


It seems like the clientelle here, during the lunch hours at least, are all locals or people on road bikes who made the trek like me. Seeing a bicycle helmet in a ramen shop is a very rare encounter. Today I saw 3.


Even though the shop is literally 30 seconds from the station, you might have some trouble finding it. It's down a small side street. If you can't find it, ask a local, they will know.


More Shop Info Here

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