Wednesday, December 23, 2009

あ、ガッチャ麺 (A, Gacchamen in Bunkyo)



This is maybe the closest shop to my apartment. But we decided to take the longer, more adventurous route to get there.


First on Keizo, Nate, and I's hit list was Nishio, a hot newcomer on the scene. Luckily we checked beforehand, and avoided showing up at a closed shop. So we started walking. The number two, decided by a hurried research session online, was on holiday as well. Next was a sort of "Asian" noodle place nearby that was voted down upon arrival. The last option, before resorting to Sengoku Jiman, was just down the road.


a, Gacchamen is the name. That's a small あ at the front, by the way. You'll be treated to a decent miso if you come here. The added yuzu wasabi and ginger kick it up a notch. Here is the basic:


But I took it even further. You see, Ebisu, the god of wealth and fortune was smiling on me today. I had just setup and paid for, Nate's new website name. The deal was simple. You buy my domain, and I'll buy your next bowl. And it just so happened that a, Gacchamen has an 1800 yen bowl. That's like $20!


Of course, anything this special is going to make the ramen pages of a few magazines. But what is it? ワイントン, Wine-ton.


What the hell is Wine-ton?


Let me explain. As the swine is raised, it is fed a healthy amount of... wine. These booze enhanced pigs have more supple, tender meat. It's true that you can soak meat in liquor to tenderize it some, but this is taking it to another level.


Another level is a good place to go to.


The meat is lean and tender, almost buttery. This is the kobe beef of the other white meat world. But it comes at a price. Each slice adds almost $5 to the total. That's big money for a bite of meat. At least when it comes to ramen prices that is.

The staff was happy to show me the pricey cut of meat.


And stop for the photo that is becoming a standard on this site.


Official Blog Here

More Shop Info Here


Benhamish said...

That is an expensive bowl of Ramen. Good pork can make all the difference though. Are those Ramen magazines free? If not how much do they cost?

Ramen Adventures said...

There are a few ramen only magazines, usually not monthly though, that cost about 700 yen. But something like "Tokyo Walker", which is a local guide to EVERYTHING, is more frequent, and it always has a large ramen section. As a guide, ramen books and magazines are usually less than 1000 yen ($10)

Jon said...

Brian, I like your site. Went to Taizan today, which is how I found you. I've been trying to go to ramen more in the last couple of months, but I work in Otemachi so it's not great. There are a couple good ramenz on my site though, if you're interested.

Ramen Adventures said...

@Jon - Check out the new ramen street in Tokyo station. It looks good, and you could do lunch there from Otemachi easily.

Tanya said...

The more I read your blog the more I am convinced to fly to Japan.

$20 for a bowl of ramen that has booze infused pork in it might just be worth it. :)